28.10.20 04:08 PM Comment(s) By PATRICK GAVEAU

“My purpose is to inspire and to share good vibes so that others can heal and grow.”

Created in June 2020 and revised since

Peace of mind, internal growth, and serving are my ultimate goals. To achieve it, I focus on silence, my body, and supporting interested others with inspiring, fun, or challenging solutions, ideas, concepts, facts, content, training, and questions. 

Within the next 12 months, I must increase the revenues and sales value of E-NOVO and INNOVO JSC assets to sell some or all of these to or generate sufficient revenues to clear our debts and be free. 

A key outcome is to create a low maintenance digital purpose seeking application to generate a sustainable income for me to be financially secured. I want to be capable of living anywhere in the world by July 2021. To do so, I manage and grow my online presence while producing reports, inspiring and fun videos or interviews, and partake in public speaking activities or on stand up comedy shows.

I also seek to be a public speaker, journalist, comedian, and influencer and international public figure inspiring many at events worldwide by June 2022. To do so, I manage and grow my online presence, while producing reports, inspiring and fun videos or interviews, and partake in public speaking or on stand up comedy shows.

On September 30th, 2021, I will be financially secured to work on what I choose to and to support interested others I enjoy being around - I shall dedicate up to 4h per day for these activities. The remaining time will focus on taking excellent care of myself and my family while embracing mindfulness and learnings related to practical and spiritual growth activities.

I also want to travel often and our lives to be filled with new adventures, fun, and discoveries worldwide.

Some would say I want more... SHOULDN'T WE ALL?

HOW do I implement it?

-  embrace mindfulness and laughter 

-  engage in continuous learning and growing

-  be optimistic as often as possible

-  be silent, listen, and support others

-  speak wisely when valuable 


 WHAT do I do to implement it?

-  create & share joyful, amusing, inspirational, and educational content & ideas 

-  rest in silence every day more and more

-  defend the truth when needed

-  create and share fun, challenging, and inspiring memes, facts, and ideas

-  create, conduct and distribute interesting content, training, ITW, news & stories

-  coach and advise individuals and organizations on well being, life, or business purposes

    -  Personal purpose coaching

    -  Organization purpose coaching

    -  Personal Golden Circle coaching

    -  Organization Golden Circle coaching 

    -  Performance & work-life balance workshop

    -  Wellbeing coaching & advising

    -  Organization coaching & advising

- create and manage effective marketing strategies and valued digital media channels

    -  learn to develop useful websites & digital marketing solutions for myself, our company & clients

    -  create meaningful content & distribution solutions for myself, our company & clients.

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